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Number: 2019 Volume: I







1. Canonicity, canon, canonizable and the implications of transcultural communication (Felix NICOLAU)
2. The German Aesthetics: from the Expressionist Context to the Gothic Canon (Carmen DOMINTE)
3. The Eurocentric “I” and the White Mask of Colonialism: The African “Other” in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (Salah BOUREGBI)
4. Can “Multicultural” Education be a Source of Change in Alleviating Child Poverty? (Munir Hossain TALUKDER)
5. Indigenous Medicine and Traditional Healing in Africa: a Systematic Synthesis of the Literature (Samuel ADU-GYAMFI, Eugenia Ama ANDERSON)
6. Notes on the volume “The Ethics and Integrity in Education and Research” (Review) (Ana FRUNZĂ)


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